What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is more than a new coin, Bitcoin is a new powerful technology, where people can experiment, an innovation where are interacting with a payment system. Imagine, you are in a shopping mall, and you find a t-shirt. With Bitcoin, you can buy t-shirt directly from the stock at store, this store is full of customers, and you size it and it fit great to you, is the last one and others can get it, and you find in front on you a message that says, bitcoin accepted. You simply download an app but you with your bitcoin pay with your smartphone, your t-shirt, in past you must wait until all customers pay on cashiers, see if your stock is available, now with bitcoin is only pay and is yours, you save 45 minutes of your time, on payment duties, and believe me you got your receipt. Tell me one thing, what is more valuable than time? So, from now while you are browsing our website remember, Bitcoin is a coin, but also is a technology tool not like all coins, is a also a way to change popular experiences in economy, commerce, and daily activities.