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On internet at this moment while we are browsing are billions of cyber attacks that can affect your computers with malware, sql injection, phishing, virus, trojan, carders. All these kinds, can attack your network, or your website, your business and home need to be protected. It is important to let you know what can make each type of attack to your network, computer or website, which it is matter is because we know we are vulnerable each second online, and only we can stop it and be safe is make an action. Let me explain you attacks and terms and you will be familiar with it and know why you must have a cybersecurity service.

In your computer or network your risk is on billions of attacks online only if you are connected to internet or you are in your smartphone.

A virus, is a bad tool that can be use to extract your information, your work files, your photos, your phone numbers, emails, passwords, credit cards numbers. Also they can destroy all your system and hardware.

A phishing is a way to extract your online information with files that are fake and you can’t identify when you are browsing it is very useful for who is attacking your network and most of time they get what they want because, you are innocent filling information, also they duplicate your identity, can use your emails, numbers, credit cards, ip address, which very risky because you can be involve in them activities. Intercept your phone calls, and record what you are saying.

SQL Injection for your website is very dangerous, your customers will be on risk because they let you know personal information that is vulnerable to hackers that can introduce codes in your website to download it, you need to protect your website, or your ip number for these kind of attacks. Also people can make it attack to your smartphone and get your accounts and every kind of information you have in your apps.

A trojan is a remote tool where attackers can administrate your computer remotely and be completely you using it. It is very dangerous and when you don’t know what to do it has a risk high in your security, one of my recommendation is check your network and see who is online connected to your network or sharing information using a tool to check stats of your network and watch ip’s addresses interacting is very useful to know who is around your network.

Exploits they are forced attacks to extract your passwords and what you store in your network. They attack network with mask and some of times connect.

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