Amazing is think that now can use more than only credit or debit cards, and bank transaction on internet to access to products or services, now on we are also in front a new technology that comes to change our life, cryptocurrency is new opportunity for entrepreneurs to have more contact with internet users, this new generation of people that will change the way to buy or sell in internet. One of this new coin has it own name, bitcoin. But, what is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is created on 2009 in hands of programmers that see a new way to change the things, there in internet appear a name that says “satoshi nakamoto”. Mistery if is real name or not, but what is true is that Bitcoin begin small but now is giving results and big results in front a new economy which adopt this currency as an alternative to store money, make wire transaction, buy or sale online systems, and is one thing that make it amazing. It is not centralized, and you at home or office can make bitcoin using it own technology, you only need to buy hardware which is used to mine. Mine is activity where bitcoin is created and also other cryptocurrency. We will go speaking about each topic and we will make in deep, to you when you finish to read this blog, has a mentality where you can use bitcoin or trade it, because there are many ways to earn money with this job, we will talk about who are bitcoin and cryptocurrency enemies, friends, incidence in world, as political, economics, I will share with you news about bitcoins, and we will investigate together about what software is supporting bitcoin, what make bitcoin valuable, we will learn here about Blockchain and why, it technology changes Internet and is giving a way to live a new coin order.